Creditors' Rights, Foreclosure & Collections
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Creditors' Rights, Foreclosure, & Collections

Enforcing the Rights & Interests of Creditors Throughout New Jersey

It is not uncommon for a debtor to test the boundaries of the law-or even break them-in order to hinder or avoid collection efforts. It is because of this that the attempt to collect debt can be a frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming process. Even worse, the inability to collect from debtors has the potential to get in the way of the operation of business.

At Seidman & Pincus, LLC, our team of New Jersey creditors' rights attorneys is devoted to enforcing the rights of creditors, whether it is in state court, bankruptcy court, mediation, or work-outs. Throughout our 25 years of experience, we have gained the skills and ability to impose the greatest pressure on debtors while using the least amount of force. This enables us to help our clients get fast results at a reasonable cost.

Find out what Our New Jersey Creditors' Rights Lawyers can do for you!

Our team is prepared to assist you with the following:

  • Actions to collect on promissory notes, guaranties, and other debt instruments
  • Actions to enforce foreclose mortgages and mechanics' liens on real property
  • Actions to enforce security interests in inventory, automobiles, machinery, equipment, receivables, and intangibles
  • Enforcement of consignment interests
  • Prosecution of fraudulent transfer claims
  • Documentation and drafting of work-out agreements and settlements
  • Creditor representation in bankruptcy cases. This includes: filing claims, protecting cash and other collateral, prosecuting stay relief motions, defending claims objections and preference attacks, effecting DIP financing arrangements, opposing discharge, opposing confirmation, and negotiation plan treatment.

Large Firm Experience, Small Firm Rates

Our team believes that every client deserves to be treated as if they are our only client, and we offer our undivided and personalized attention to every client we work with. We are proud to provide our clients with the results of a large firm, while also offering them small firm rates. 

To see how we may be able to prosecute your claim and enforce your rights, do not hesitate to contact our firm today!