Bankruptcy Litigation
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Bankruptcy Litigation

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As changes in the economy make bankruptcies more common, more businesses and individuals find themselves implicated in bankruptcy proceedings, filled with deadlines, complexities, and even a language they do not fully understand; yet they need to protect their rights.

At Seidman & Pincus, LLC, we have practiced bankruptcy law for decades. We understand your rights and know how to protect them. We speak the language. It's no coincidence that numerous financial institutions now rely on Seidman & Pincus, LLC for their bankruptcy litigation needs. These institutions understand the advantage of having a law firm that knows how to apply the most amount of pressure using the least amount of force - one that knows how to extract a beneficial and cost-effective adjudication, resolution, or settlement so that you can move on with your life and business.

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Skilled Representation for Creditors and Debtors

If your employer failed, how can you receive the back-pay or severance you are owed? What if a business client filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and is demanding a refund: Can the former client really enforce the request? Let's say that you left a deposit at a department store that has begun the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process. You need to find out if you can get a refund or if your order will be completed. Perhaps an anchor tenant in your strip-mall wants to assign your lease to an entity whose business would conflict with the careful mix and balance that your other tenants rely on. Can you stop the assignment?

This is where decades of bankruptcy law experience can help you navigate a costly and complicated field of law. Whatever your situation, our bankruptcy law firm has the proven advocacy to help you resolve your financial and legal difficulties with the personalized, affordable service you deserve.

In the past few years, Seidman & Pincus, LLC has accomplished notable results that include:

  • Obtained quick recovery of landlord's premises, successfully defended objection to rent claim. Landlord recovered $121,000.
  • Successfully defended effort by former business partners of meat processing and distribution company to force company into involuntary bankruptcy.
  • Settled objections to salesperson's claim for commissions and severance by former employer and chapter 11 debtor.
  • Obtained order compelling Chapter 11 debtor to pay post-petition rent to landlord and stay relief to evict debtor from premises upon non-payment.
  • Defeated confirmation of a real estate company's Chapter 11 plan which was designed to cram down and pay a second mortgage holder nothing.

Whether it is as simple as filing a proof of claim or as complex as challenging the confirmation of a Chapter 11 reorganization plan, Seidman & Pincus, LLC has the experience and knowledge to get it done without trial and error and without draining your wallet.

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